Everything in life has an end. We have set our own end right from the start. Our brand will only exist until June 20, 2026. With this, we aim to highlight the transience of all things and the importance of appreciating what we have. This brand is like a grand love affair it makes a dramatic entrance, ignites passion, and will end with an equally significant bang.

Dscontinued is set to evolve beyond just clothing our vision is to cultivate a community, to nurture a brand that resonates with individuals on a deeper level. Invisible branding through a signature scent is crucial in this journey. We aim for our customers to not just see and feel the vibe of our brand, but to immerse themselves in it with all their senses.

We want to create a community. The brand should be worn not for its logo, but for what the logo represents. We want to actively involve this community in shaping the brand. Dscontinued will always stand for art, aesthetics, openness, quality, and the current zeitgeist.

With Dscontinued, we have created a brand that is meant to be art. We aspire to convey quality in every aspect and bring true fashion into the world. We are a small team located in the north of Germany, in the heart of Hamburg. Our goal is to be bold, moving away from fast fashion towards a quality-driven customer experience.